Meet Debra Freemyer

The force and creative passion behind Arizona Hair Center and Creative Hair Solutions

Debra Freemyer, owner of Arizona Hair Center – Creative Hair Solutions, is the only certified hair replacement specialist in Northern Arizona, custom, non-surgical hair replacement, designed and tailored for the individual, has come a long way, and Debra delights in filling that need for quality solutions, not only for hair loss, but for the many men and women who want to enhance and improve their appearance.


Most men and women who experience hair loss (alopecia) are uncomfortable with being partially bald.  Also, problem hair can affect self-confidence.  This can be emotionally painful, lower self-esteem and create insecurities in otherwise attractive people.

Hair replacement surgery is not a solution for everyone.  Debra offers modern day solutions.  With a solid background and a genuine talent in specialty solutions to hair loss and enhancements, Debra provides solutions that are undetectable.

In 1991, upon completion of her cosmetology training and licensure, Debra landed a job with National Hair Centers – not your usual hair salon.  She found her calling and after 14 years with NHC, Debra was their state representative with the American Hair Loss Council, and having achieved certifications in Advanced Treatments for Hair Loss, was one of the foremost providers of advanced grafting, and a specialist in the use of CyberHair, and Micro Point links.  She also took on the role of teacher.

Now Debra uses specialized skills and experience for people all over North-Central Arizona.  One of the major focuses for Debra when she opened Arizona Hair was to use only the finest quality products.  What she does is a creative process.  “I don’t just look at and individual and say – Oh you’re a #6 and I’ll order you 3 lots”.  notes Debra “It’s much more than that.  I custom match hair color, determine texture, percentage of gray (if applicable), and then custom mix shades for the most natural and attractive results”.  After the initial consultation , a system will take six to eight weeks.  “It’s like Hollywood makeup -it’s what I do.”  she adds.   “It’s a true pleasure to help people look good and feel great about themselves.”

In fact, the Creative Hair Solutions part of Arizona Hair Center is exactly that.  Star quality products and results.  “Jude Law, Sean Connery and William Shatner do NOT grab an off-the-shelf hairpiece whether for a role or their personal lives.  I provide the same long-lasting , quality products and service you’d find movie stars using, and it’s infinitely more affordable, pain-free and quicker to obtain compared to surgical options.”  says Debra.  “I’m actually not doing anything different than if I were backstage preparing actors for a production.” 

Arizona Hair Center, in addition to a full complement of hair salon services, including color, perms, cuts and styling, also provides premium hair extensions that are far and above those normally found – and they are a very popular part of her business that she also provides.

Debra is also a member of the non-profit organization Children with Hair Loss.  People, regardless of age, can experience hair loss due to not only heredity, but illness or medical reasons.  CWHL makes it possible for children in need to obtain hair replacement at no charge.  Debra Freemyer is the local affiliate who provides hair care for children who have obtained hair replacement through CWHL at no charge.